2016 NRRA Board of Directors

Alex Chapman
Rich Cunningham
Eric Dannemann
Greg Helms
Peter Lawrence
Thomas Lesica
Carol Lenihan
Jennifer Nicasio
Ford Smith
John Trentos
Norman Weinberger

Chairman: Alex Chapman
Vice-Chairman: Greg Helms
Secretary: Jennifer Nicasio
Treasurer: Peter Lawrence

Committee or Task Force Chairs:
Fundraising Committee: Rich Cunningham
Marketing & Communications Committee: John Trentos
Equipment Committee: Eric Dannemann
Shell House Task Force: Greg Helms
Operations & Safety Committee: Ford Smith
Community Challenge Committee: Jennifer Nicasio
Outreach/MZMF Committee: Norm Weinberger
Parents’ Representative: Carol Lenihan
Riverway Representative: Greg Helms

Contact the Board:
boardnrra  (at) norwalkriverrowing (dot) org