Reach Out and Row (ROAR)

Rowing is an expensive sport. Think about it – rowing shells cost more than cars, and waterfront property is needed. Aside from rowing shells you need oars to row them, facilities to store them, vehicles to transport them. We are very fortunate to live in an area where many have made an investment in the sport.

But there are so many more who are perfectly capable of learning and excelling at rowing, but cannot afford to join a program, much less ever even heard of the sport.

This is where Norwalk River Rowing’s mission becomes important (“promoting the love of rowing, regardless of age or income”).  NRR seeks to raise funds to be able to:

  • identify youth in our community who would benefit from the sport
  • build programs that broaden access to rowing, particularly within the City of Norwalk
  • provide financial assistance to those who otherwise could not afford to join the program
  • provide the equipment to support our outreach programs and financial aid recipients

Norwalk River Rowing provides rowing opportunities at reduced or no-cost to 1 in 8 of our youth rowers.

Why Outreach – click here to learn more about the benefits for at-risk youth

Matthew Zucker Memorial Fund – a fund established in memory of one of our teen rowers who lost his battle to cancer and is the vehicle through which funds are raised to support financial aid and Outreach programs.