The Matthew Zucker Memorial Fund helps to provide the funding for financial assistance for youth in need, the equipment needed to support these rowers and their teams, and Outreach programs which help to bring in non-typical athletes and introduce them to rowing.

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Matthew Zucker

Matthew Zucker was a member of the Norwalk River Rowing Association (NRRA) Youth Rowing Program from 1994 to 1996. His rowing experience was instrumental in helping to improve his self-discipline and self-confidence and gave him a focus he soon grew to embrace. Shortly before his high school graduation, Matthew fell victim to brain cancer and died in 1998. His family established the Matthew Zucker Memorial Fund within the Norwalk River Rowing Association to promote youth rowing and provide financial support for students in need of assistance in order to row.

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Matthew Zucker Memorial Fund Financial Assistance application

Click Here For Norwalk River Rowing Financial Assistance Request Form

If you are seeking financial assistance for one of our Youth rowing programs, please download and complete our
Norwalk River Rowing Financial Assistance Request Form

All NRRA Financial Assistance Applications must be fully completed! You must turn in your application, for the program in which you are applying, four (4) weeks prior to the beginning of the next scheduled season. If you have any questions or need some clarification, please contact us at mzmf (at) norwalkriverrowing (dot) org or 203.866.0080, ext 1.

Return the application with requested additional documents in a sealed envelope to:

NRR MZMF Scholarship
1 Moodys Lane
Norwalk, CT 06850

Applicants and a parent or guardian will be invited to an interview to discuss the application.

Applications  must be approved prior to the start of any rowing program in which you wish to participate.