Norwalk River Rowing, unlike other clubs in the area, has traditionally arranged regatta travel for Youth athletes to most race venues, so that rowers can travel with their team mates – all as part of One Team.  Athletes need to be at regatta venues long before the first spectators arrive, and long after the last stroke across the finish line is made. On occasion for a regatta that is closer in distance or has a limited number of athletes, some travel may be done by car pool and families.

Regatta travel fees that are charged at the beginning of the season are estimates of anticipated costs based on previous season experiences. Regatta travel expenses can include regatta entry fees, buses, hotels, etc. All efforts are made to keep travel fees within budget. If actual regatta/travel fees are higher, families will be billed the difference.

The Parents Organization works very hard to make sure that our racing athletes are well fed and cared for at regattas, often providing breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks throughout the day. At the beginning of each season, the Parent Organization will collect a fee to help cover the expenses involved in providing the Parent Tent. This fee is required to be added to your cart when registering for a Racing team program.

For Youth Racers that attend Youth Nationals or Head of the Charles, there will be fees that are above and beyond the typical season fees. These are to be collected per athlete attending the select regatta. They include regatta entry fees, coaching expenses during training and competition, coaches’ travel expenses, expenses to transport equipment. You will note that the item below may state a deadline. The term “deadline” does not indicate when the fees are due, but rather the last date the item will be available on our website. These fees are due and payable immediately. You can pay via credit card below, or via check written to Norwalk River Rowing. Please indicate in the memo field “Youth Nationals ” or “Head of the Charles”.