So you are home for the summer from College, and you want to keep up your skills and fitness, but you are not looking to race.

Norwalk River Rowing is offering current College students who are experienced rowers an opportunity to use Club equipment during specified times. Get in water-miles with your friends.
No coaching is offered but other programs with launches on the water are nearby. Rowing at your own risk.

Rowing with club equipment is limited to these times:
M-F 6 am-7:30 am,  M-F 4 pm-6 pm

If you have your own equipment and sign up for this program, you are welcome to store at the Club at no additional fee. Storage location at the discretion of the NRRA staff.  Launching, at your own risk, allowed outside College Rowing hours except M-F 7:30a-9:30a; Sa 7a-9a.  Existing programs have priority at the dock.

Some rules:

  • Club equipment cannot be used at any other time outside of the stated hours. Existing programs have priority for Club equipment.
  • NRRA reserves the right to limit selection of boats available for College Rows
  • Singles should not progress south beyond the first green can in the harbor unless accompanied with a launch.
  • Doubles and quads should not progress south beyond the Beacon, west of the Manresa power plant, or east of Calf Pasture Peninsula

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