We are one team, and it is important that we communicate that to one another and to the public.  We also need to recognize that racing uniforms (“unis”) are expensive, and not all racers want to purchase multiple unis.  Yet we want to encourage racers to have fun.  The Club’s uni policy strikes a balance between these competing goals.

During the Fall, Winter and Spring rowing seasons (which runs through Youth Nationals) all racing team members will compete in the official Norwalk River Rowing uni (blue, red and white). Any racing team member showing up for a race in the wrong uni will not be permitted to compete.  No exceptions.  Coaches permitting a boat to compete in the wrong unis may be fined by the Club.

With permission from the Board, alternate unis in Norwalk colors and with a design approved by the Board as consistent with the Club’s brand may be authorized for the summer season only.  Purchase of any alternate uni will be optional. All racers with alternate unis will also bring the official uni to summer regattas, so that all athletes in a boat will have the same uni, even if there are last minute substitutions. No athlete will be made to feel ostracized for not having purchased an alternate uni.

No exceptions to this policy without prior authorization from the Board.