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Boat Storage Policies and Payment Options

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1. No privately owned boats are permitted onto the Association’s premises, even temporarily, without permission, obtained in advance, from the Executive Director.

2. Boat Owners will only be allowed the use of a rack, provided that they are a paid in full Member of the Norwalk River Rowing Association. They must also maintain their membership subscription and rack fee payment at each subsequent annual renewal. If they fail to do so by the end of March of each year, then they will forfeit the use of that rack and the Association will reserve the right to remove their boat from the premises and render it into the owners care.

3. Applications to join the waiting list must be in writing, on the prescribed form. Names will be added to the waiting list with current, fully paid up-to-date members taking priority over non-members.

4. One rack will be permitted to each qualifying Association member. A member whose subscription is not fully paid when qualifying for a rack will be removed from the waiting list without notice. Reinstatement on payment of the due fee will be at the bottom of the list.

5. The precise amount payable in the first year of allocation will be adjusted by the Executive Director on a pro-rata basis, and must be paid in full within thirty (30) days of allocation notification. A one-time surcharge fee will be applied to first-time occupants of a rack space in addition to the annual fees.

6. Rack location is at the discretion of the Association through the Executive Director, and boat owners should be aware that, having paid for and been allocated a rack, this does not convey any entitlement or any claim in the future to any particular rack. Moreover, the Association reserves the right, according to changing circumstances, to move a member’s boat to a different rack, by prior notice.

7. Association Members are required to give advance notice of their intention to vacate their allotted rack. If they sell their boat, even to another Association member, then the rack will revert to the Association, and the new owner will be obliged to apply for a rack accordingly.

8. Association Members allocated a rack space are allowed to store at the boathouse one set of sculls or one sweep oar for each seat in the boat associated with such rack. All other oars/sculls are stored at the boathouse with the permission of the Executive Director or their designee and may be removed, according to changing circumstances.

9. No car top racks are to be stored at the boathouse. No spare riggers are to be stored at the boathouse. There is very limited space for private boat slings. The space allocated for slings is under the workbench in the main boathouse, all slings must be stored there. Slings stored at the boathouse may be occasionally used by the general membership.

10. Association Members storing their boat at NRRA must take full responsibility for the condition of their equipment. The Norwalk River Rowing Association will assume no liability for damage to privately owned equipment. In is strongly advised that boat owners purchase property insurance for their equipment.

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