Norwalk River Rowing Association
1 Moodys Lane
Norwalk, CT 06851

PHONE: (203) 866-0080 (Weekday afternoons)
FAX: (203) 299-1672
E-mail us:  info AT  norwalkriverrowing D O T org

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You may contact us by phone or email.  Typically you can reach our coaches in the morning and early in the afternoon. If you cannot reach them, they are probably plying their trade on the waters of the Norwalk River.

In an effort to reduce junk email, we spell out our email addresses on this page. Please cut/paste/edit into your email program to contact us.

Office:  (203) 866-0080 (Weekday afternoons)

Executive Director, ext. 1
execdirector A T norwalkriverrowing D O T org

Racing Team, ext. 4
 racingteam A T norwalkriverrowing D O T org

Youth Development and Learn to Row Programs, ext. 4
devteam A T norwalkriverrowing D O T org

Masters  Group
masters A T norwalkriverrowing D O T org

Admin and Program Info, ext. 4
info A T norwalkriverrowing D O T org

Bookkeeping/Payables, ext. 3
nrraacctg  A T norwalkriverrowing D O T org

Equipment and Facilities
maintenance A T norwalkriverrowing D O T org

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