A special program exclusively for 8th Graders in the Norwalk Public Schools at West Rocks and Nathan Hale Middle Schools. You are getting ready for high school and have different needs than the earlier middle school athletes.

Norwalk River Rowing is providing an opportunity for 5 boys and 5 girls from each West Rocks School and Nathan Hale Middle School to learn to row and train with our Middle School Development Team this spring.

The Program Starts with indoor training at Norwalk Senior Center (11 Allen Road, Norwalk) where athletes will learn the basics, build endurance and have fun. This stage of the program will run Monday and Wednesday from 4:15-5:30 beginning February 4 and ending March 20.

The second stage of the Program is to move to the water at our Boat House located at 1 Moody’s Lane starting April 2.
The Program will run Tues and Thursdays from 4 to 5:30 until months end. Here the Athletes will join our Learn-to-Row Program and learn the basics of rowing, safety practices, parts of the boat, the jargon used in the sport, all in a non-competitive, fun environment.

Starting May 1, those who are ready will move to the Experience Dev Team group and row on Mon, Wed and Fri. from 4:15 to 5:45 for the remainder of the season which ends June 14. The Dev team rowers have all the basics and get out each day and really have fun on the water. This is the last stage of preparation for competitive rowing, which may begin in 9th grade for those who want to continue in the sport.

For program fees have been contributed, so there will be no individual charge to the participants. Registration and waiver are expected by first day of participation. Athletes without current registration, waivers and other required paperwork will not be allowed to participate until all paperwork is submitted as we need to assure we have proper forms for medical emergencies and insurance.

Requirements for each Athlete:

  • Current attendance in either Nathan Hale or West Rocks 8th Grade School
  • Ability to swim
  • Brings a great attitude and willingness to contribute to a team
  • Has filled out on-line registration below

For more information, contact:
Dev Team, 203-866-0080 ext 4, devteam (at) norwalkriverrowing.org

Please consider adding a donation to the Matthew Zucker Memorial Fund which provides outreach programs and financial aid for athletes who need the support. Give another athlete the chance to row.

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Matthew Zucker Memorial Fund Scholarship
Scholarships may be available for Youth rowing program fees based on demonstrated financial need.  Please the Matthew Zucker Memorial Fund page for more information and an application.