Are you a rising senior serious about rowing in college?    You should have a a “Rowing Resume”.

It is never to early to start your rowing resume. Get it started in your Novice year.  Sure – you can put in that Silver you won in your Novice 8+.

You can bring it with you for  the college fair at  Youth Nationals, Club Nationals or IDR. It is great to hand to a college coach if you visit a school’s boathouse.  And you can e-mail it to the coaches of the other schools in which you are interested.

While it would contain much of the same information you would complete in each school’s on-line recruiting forms, the addition of a picture in your Rowing Resume will make it more likely the coach will remember you once he or she has a chance to meet you.

US Rowing has an example of a Rowing Resume at

(you need to login to US Rowing as a Basic or Championship member before you can have access to this document – Log in at: )