Notice: Norwalk River Rowing & Wilton Crew Program Suspension Due to Coronavirus

To our Norwalk River Rowing and Wilton Crew Community:

Last night we held the Norwalk River Rowing annual meeting followed by a meeting of your Board.  We concluded as a community that we should suspend all rowing programs at the Boathouse until at least Monday, March 30 and evaluate appropriate actions thereafter.  Fairfield University has also suspended its program for the season as have many college programs, high schools and clubs in the area.  We do this with heavy heart, but believe we should do our small part to try and slow the spread of the Covid-19.

We athletes however need to continue to enjoy the benefits of training and to that end our coaching staff will develop training plans for each of our program members to follow at home.  For the athletes who participate, this will include interactive reporting of results and accomplishments.  We look to exit this period in better shape than we entered it, and be ready to take on any competition.  To enhance the training potential NRR will provide ergs to members who are in good standing, pick-ups this Monday to Wednesday afternoons at 4PM to 5PM and by appointment.

As a small not-for-profit business with limited financial resources and alternatives we ask that members please continue to join and pay for programs so that the Club can continue to meet its obligations to its employees, vendors and suppliers, insurance and banking partners.  We are aware that the change in services and access is unfortunate and will work to provide either future credit or additional training weeks in an equitable fashion to compensate for the on-site suspension of rowing activities.  Note, we will return or forgo the collection of any Regatta Fees for the season until we are sure to attend.  We will, once the coast is clear, plan at least some local regattas to demonstrate our talents and athleticism.

Thanks all those members of our community who will continue to support our rowers, their families, our staff and this incredible collection of people who feel so passionately about their relationship to our organization. From our most senior Master Oarsmen to our newest Development Team rowers to our exciting new Wilton Crew, I know that one thing we will miss most during this hiatus is the team spirit and camaraderie we share at the Boathouse.

During the pause in on site activities, we will work on some long term priorities and agenda items at the Club.  We will also make sure to give everything a very complete cleaning before we again open the doors to programs.

NRR will reopen as soon as we are confident the risk to the community has dissipated.  We will look to  the World Health Organization, the US Centers for Disease Control, The Connecticut Department of Health, the health professionals on our Board and local school systems for ongoing guidance.

On a personal note, I wish each of you and your loved ones the best over these coming weeks, good health and thanks for your great strength and support.

Train Harder at Home, Row Faster and Go Further, Jeff

Jeffrey F Thompson
Executive Director
Norwalk River Rowing Association, Inc.

Teach Science Through Rowing


We came across this article recently making the case that young minds learn better when academics and athletics come together.

Elizabeth A. Barton, Associate Professor of Research, Wayne State University, makes the case:

“The basic principles of rowing appear quite simple, but in reality, rowing success is complex. Momentum is transferred to the water by pulling on the oar and pushing with the legs, which causes the seat to slide backwards. The oars pivot on a “lock-pin assembly,” which levers the water backwards. The motion of the boat is complicated by the movement of the rowers within the boat, the current of the water and wind speed.

Rowing leans heavily on STEM concepts commonly found in the fields of mathematics, physics and kinesiology. Through the sport, our curriculum covers works from the famous Greek mathematician Archimedes up through NASA engineer Katherine Johnson.

For example, potential and kinetic energy, boat velocity and rowers’ mass are strategies for teaching essential concepts.”

Click through to her article for more:
Why I’m teaching kids science through the sport of rowing

River Clean Up on May 11 – a perfect Earth Day message

Hello, NRRA Friends and Teammates.

Earth Day is the perfect day to announce reviving the NRRA practice of a spring river clean-up.
What better way to demonstrate our long tradition of community service than cleaning up the river we row?

Date: Saturday, May 11, 2019
Time: 8:30-11:00 am (low tide is approx. 11:40)
Wear: Work clothes, heavy gloves, waders, boots, etc.
Bring: Rakes, shovels, any tool useful for picking through silt, grasses, etc.
Where: NRRA site—and beyond
Who: All athletes (youth and masters), friends, family, people looking for some community service credits.

We will supply trash bags, snacks after the clean-up, and NRRA water bottles* for those who need one.

For questions or for more information, please use our contact us form

See you on May 11,
Laura & Phil

*Please note: NRRA bans single-use water bottles on site. Only reusable bottles are permitted.

Tues 9/25 – NRR Learn-to-Row – RELOCATED today

The weather is warm, yet TOO wet to have a constructive practice.

We have decided to relocate the Learn-to-Row sessions to our indoor Winter Workout facility for today:

We will have fun and learn more on both our indoor Rowers and body exercise workouts.

See them there!

Jim Cooper – Norwalk River Rowing / Coaching staff

It’s Amazon Prime Day – and NRRA benefits!

AmazonSmile and Prime Day supports NRRA

We don’t usually promote for-profit companies, but today Amazon is supporting us!

Amazon Prime Day starts at 3 pm today – and for every dollar that you spend at Amazon through tomorrow July 17, a portion will come back to the Norwalk River Rowing Association!

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You save big – and help NRRA at the same time!

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