Hello CommCha Rowers and Supporters!

Race Day is just a little over a week away on June 28th. Are you ready?
Don’t worry! You will be!

First of all, if you want a little extra practice there is a “pick-up row” this Sunday June 22 from 5pm-6:30pm.  A chance to get in some extra strokes, meet extra folks.

Next, I bet you want to know more about Race Day.  We will provide more details on exact schedules next week but here is the overview:

  • Come to the Boathouse at 10 am.  You and your teammates will get yourselves and your boats ready, get launched and warm-up.
  • Races begin around 11 am.  We’ll have a few races of different types with breaks in between.
  • Awards Ceremony is expected to be around 2 pm.

There will be a BBQ/Pot Luck during the celebrations.  NRRA will provide Hamburgers, Hot Dogs and Beer.

Teams – please bring 2 side dishes and 2 desserts to share.  Agree among each other and let your captains know what you are bringing.  Also please bring 2 gallons of water per team. (for competitors in the 4+ – you can split that all in half)

The time has come to push the fundraising – The Community Challenge is not only an opportunity to introduce rowing to so many new people and the community, but also to help raise funds for this non-profit organization which works to bring rowing to all, regardless of age or income.

The main fundraising page is at this link.

If you don’t already have it, your own team’s fundraising page can be found by clicking Search at the top of the main page. Or check with your coach.

Spread it around! Facebook, email, whatever the latest app is.
We have made donating really easy – just a few clicks and your supporters have helped our cause.

Remember the goal is to raise $200 per rower. That’s only 20 bucks from 10 friends. The boat with the highest average donations per rower will win the Susan Wyncoop Memorial Cup! A worthy honor indeed.  Row v Wave is heading the pack at the writing of this notice.  Everything is a competition – are you going to let them have it?  Go!