The Norwalk River Rowing Association (NRRA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which promotes a lifelong passion for the sport of rowing among its Adult and Youth members who love Competition, Teamwork, Excellence, and Fun. We are dedicated to providing educational and athletic opportunities for the youth of our communities, and promoting excellence in the sport of rowing for all age groups. Our goal is to be the preeminent community-based rowing center in the northeast United States.

History and Current Programs

The Norwalk River Rowing Association was founded in 1986 by Ralph E. Sloan, former Norwalk Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Norman J. Weinberger, Norwalk pediatrician, and a few local residents. Initially, our goals were modest: to provide rowing opportunities for adults and youth and to develop a competitive high school program. What began as a small group of enthusiastic rowers on Long Island Sound now serves over four hundred people a year, from throughout southwest Connecticut and into New York, ranging in age from twelve to well into the eighties. Many of the founding members remain active participants at the NRRA today.

The Masters (adult) programs promote wellness and competition from the experienced rower to complete novice.  The Youth Program has athletes from more than a dozen school districts and regularly develops crews who compete at the national level. Reach Out and Row, our inner-city outreach program, fosters discipline, teamwork, self-esteem and respect for the environment. During the summer we introduce and teach rowing to over 200 youth and adults from Norwalk and the surrounding communities.