Our final championship regatta is finally here! This Saturday, June 20th, each of the Community Challenge teams will gather to compete on the Norwalk River.

Bring friends and family to watch and cheer everyone on!

Below are the details for race day:

Race Day Schedule: (high tide on June 20, 2015 will be at 3:00 pm)
* schedule shows approximate times, we will try our best to maintain this timeline.

11:30 am – Arrive at boathouse
12:30 am – Coaches and coxswains meeting: in front of river map.
12:45 am – launching
1:30 pm – Race one – time trials are at 1 minute intervals.
2:00 pm – Race two – sprint heats
Heat 1 (1st and 3rd) – Bow #
Heat 2 (2nd and 4th)
Heat 3 (6th and 7th)
Heat 4  (5th)
2:45 pmBreak – all boats come in, dock.
3:15 pm – launch
3:30 pm – Race three – Finals (Petite, Grand)

C- Final
5, 6, or 7

B – Final (Petite)
Winner of heat 3 and 4

Grand Final – Grand Championship
Winner of Heat 1 and 2

4:00 pm – Awards ceremony
– Grand Champion Trophy
– Golden Giving Cup

Race Format:

  • Race one: The first race is a time trial where each boat will travel in single file, from just north of the I-95 Bridge to the end our dock. This is approximately 800 meters. The results from this race will determine which boats we put in the heats for the following race.  Crews would definitely want to give it their all!
  • Race two: The second race is a 500-meter sprint. Race starts just north of the condominiums and finishes at the end of our dock. There will be four heats with two boats in each heat, boats race side by side.
  • Race three: The Grand Final and the Petit Final are also 500 meter sprints, the same course as Race Two and will determine our Community Challenge Grand Champions.  Participants are the winners of the Race Two Sprints.

Food Details:

  • Burgers, hot dogs, and water are provided by Norwalk.
  • Pot luck – we ask that each team bring two salads and one dessert. The following may include, but not limited to fruit salads, pasta salads, coleslaw, bean salad, dips & chips,  cookies, tarts,  cupcakes,  yogurt parfait.
  • If you have a favorite beer or wine you want to share, by all means bring it along!


Please invited friends, family, and coworkers! This is a great opportunity for them to see you show your speed on the river. Let’s have a crowded shore to cheer you on! Each of the races will be viewable from the walking path by our boathouse and the condominiums.


We still have a few more days to fundraise! Please spread the word!


Norwalk River Rowing has a parking lot right behind our boat slab. Our parking lot is shared with residents of the condominiums, but please only park in the designated Norwalk Rowing Parking area.

Additional parking for family and friends would be available across the street at Norwalk City Hall, just a casual walk away from the club.

Continuing on!
Can’t get enough of the water and would like to continue rowing?
Norwalk is offers Adult Novice rowing 2x per week beginning June 22nd.

If you’re interested in continuing feel free to ask your coaches or see our page where you can sign up:


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