Today was our first full day here. Following 7:30 am breakfast at our hotel we drove the 6 miles to our training base. An hour of rigging and prep was followed by 2 hours on the water. Everyone did well and returned with good appetites for lunch, which was served in the adjacent restaurant.This afternoon six of the boys went to check out the public beach which is located just a block or two from our hotel, the rest chilled out until we left for our second practice session at 2:45pm. Conditions today were a little challenging; a strong breeze this morning,which increased this afternoon to the point of producing whitecaps. Our kids seemed to take it all in their stride though!
Dinner was served at 6:00pm. It consisted of chicken fried rice with a salad and was devoured at a pace which suggested general approval.
No activities are planned for tonight as we think an early night will be appreciated by all. Certainly those of us in our post-teens will need no extra encouragement to hit the sack.73477_10151295565003325_1453892028_n