Hello All!

Our athletes are preparing for their third regatta, Cooper Cup!

Date: Sunday, April 28, 2013
Event Type: Sprint 2000 meters
LOC: South Jersey Rowing Club
Venue: Cooper River Park, Camden County, NJ
Coaches and Coxswains Meeting: 8:00 am at the Finish Line

Racing Begins: 9:00 am
Heat Sheets: Check here to see heat sheets when they are made available. The LOC can change the schedule at any time.

GPS address from LOC: North Park Drive and Cuthbert Blvd., Cherry Hill, NJ 08033. Spectators may park along North Park Drive or in the large lot just above the finish line.

Buses will transport athletes to the race venue. Athletes must arrive at the boathouse promptly at 4:45 for a 5:00 am departure. Do not be late, the buses will not wait! The buses will NOT stop on the way to the race course. Your athlete should bring food/drink for the bus ride. Parent volunteers will make food available as soon as they can at the parent tent. The buses WILL stop at a rest area on the NJ Turnpike on the way home. Please send sufficient funds for your athlete to purchase food/drink at the food court. Expect athletes to return to the boathouse at approximately 10:00 pm. As always, phone calls will be made to parents when the bus is 30 minutes from Norwalk. Please make sure you are at the boathouse when the buses return so chaperones do not have to wait.

Lineups will be released by coaches, and can be changed at coaches’ discretion.

See you at Cooper River!

Norwalk River Rowing
(203) 866-0080