The Youth Racing Team has been preparing for Connecticut Indoor Rowing Championships. The competition is just around the corner! Please read below for important information about this event.

Sunday January 26, 2014
Connecticut Indoor Rowing Championships
Easton Community Center, 364 Sport Hill Road, Easton, CT.

Your coach will make your entry for you. To see tentative race times and event information click here.

Athletes, you should arrive at the venue at least an hour prior to your race time. You will need this time to weigh in (if you are competing as a lightweight), and to properly warm up for your event.

Athletes MUST have a current, signed USRowing waiver to be permitted to compete. Follow the instructions below to sign your waiver.

  1. Click here to start the process of signing your USRowing electronic waiver.
  2. In the “Athlete” box enter club code 7ZSY3, and then click “submit.”
  3. Enter two of the following: name, birthdate, or USRowing Member ID, and then click “next.”
  4. If your name is listed more than once, choose the “paid membership” Member ID over “waiver only” Member ID.
  5. If your name is not listed at all, you will be prompted by a dialogue box to “Add Profile?” Click on “OK” to add your profile, sign your waiver, and be linked to our club.
  6. On the next page, fill in the required fields, then read your waiver agreement, check the “agree” box, and then click “submit.”
  7. The next page should confirm your signed waiver.
  8. You will receive an email confirmation of your waiver status at the email address you provided for your profile.

Once signed, your USRowing electronic waiver is valid for the entire calendar year 2014.

See you in Easton!