Just because there is ice on our river, does not mean that our rowers can’t get some quality water time in  – indoors at the Yale Indoor Rowing Tanks.


Norwalk River Rowing Girls  completed two highly productive weekends in Yale University’s indoor rowing tanks, refining their stroke mechanics in anticipation of our Spring Racing Season. Yale Women’s Head Coach, Will Porter; Men’s Lightweight Coach, Andy Card; and Women’s Assistant Coach and Olympic 2x sculler, Sarah Trowbridge, delivered their world-class expertise and training knowledge to our athletes at Yale’s Bulldog Rowing Camp. On hand were our coaches, Catharine and Matt Labine, who collaborated with the Yale coaches to ensure seamless direction.

The rowing tanks feature moving water in which flow rate can be varied on demand. The opportunity to sharpen blade work and body position is augmented by changes in water speed, mirrors to the front and sides of the seats, and the ability of the coach to walk up and down the boat to make subtle corrections.

Have a look at our girls at work!

and then watch Yale heavyweight men from 1933. Rowing technique and technology have come a long way!

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