Hello Youth Racing Team!

We are nearing the first regatta of the season, 11th Annual Greenwich Invitational! Please read the following for important information for this event.

Your athlete will need to have his/her USRowing electronic waiver signed to be permitted to compete. If you have not already done so, click here for instructions to sign your waiver, and to create/renew your USRowing Championship membership.

11th Annual Greenwich Invitational
Date: Saturday, April 5, 2014.
Host/LOC: Greenwich Crew
Venue: Greenwich Harbor, Greenwich CT

Race Type:
Sprint. Finals will be run between the two fastest heat times in varsity events (8+s, 4+s, and 4xs). Other categories will be match races.
Distance: 1200 meters

Athletes must arrange their own transportation to this regatta. Unless your coach has indicated otherwise, your athlete should arrive at Grass Island Park no later than 6:45 am. For athlete drop-off point, parking (including GPS address), click here. Plan on 10-15 minutes to be shuttled from off-site parking to the venue. It is the expectation that athletes will remain at the race course until the work of de-rigging and loading boats on the trailer is complete. Any exceptions must receive the prior approval of your coach!

Coaches & Coxswains Meeting:
7:00 am in the main regatta tent. All coxswains and bow people must attend.

Course Map:
Coxswains and bow people, click here. You are responsible for understanding the traffic pattern. Crews launching will proceed south down the harbor, around the finish line, and back up the east side of the harbor to the starting line. Crews entering the warm-up chute on the east side of the harbor will need to be in numeric order. Crews will then proceed north, staying to starboard out of the racing lanes, and should weigh enough when races are passing. There will be a staging area 100 meters before the starting line where crews will be instructed to weigh enough, and position themselves to enter the starting area. Coxswains and bow people, click here for a slide show that includes photos of the start area, race course, and finish line.

Heat Sheets:
Click here for the race schedule.

NRR Entries:
Click here. Direct questions about your athlete’s event(s) to your coach.

This is a no-skin event! All athletes and coxswains must wear long sleeves, long pants, and hats in order to race. This rule will be strictly enforced by the dock master. Athletes will need to keep their warm clothing on for the duration of their time on the water.

Keep an eye on the forecast for Saturday.

See you in Greenwich!

Youth Racing Team Coaches
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