Matt with his Novice Girls in May 2014

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Matt Labine late last week.

Matt was a long-time member of the Norwalk River Rowing Community. While Matt had an illustrious career as a varsity rower for Yale and the US National Team, he came to Norwalk in 2005 as a parent of a Youth athlete on our racing team, Mike and, later, Ann. Matt was immediately very involved with the NRRA, was elected to the Board of Directors, and became Chairman of the Board in 2009. After Matt’s tenure on the Board, Matt joined the coaching staff of the Girls Racing team as Novice Coach, alongside his wife Catharine as Girls Head Coach.  Matt later spent more time in a launch on our river as Assistant Women’s Coach for Fairfield University.

We send thoughts and prayers to Catharine, Mike and Ann.

Matt will be missed by Norwalk River Rowing and the entire rowing community.

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