Paid Membership allows rowers access to Club equipment such as rowing shells and oars, as well as access to our dock. Non-members are not allowed access to the dock unless as part of a paid Club Scheduled Program.

The Club’s Scheduled Programs (adult and youth) have priority use of the club’s equipment.  Non-scheduled program participants may use equipment:

  • if your use does not overlap with a Club Scheduled Program  (it is your responsibility to know when Programs, Masters or Youth, are scheduled. If you are not certain, ask)
  • if the boat or other equipment is not defined as restricted (broader equipment restrictions will be applicable during the winter season)
  • if the equipment is stored/available at 1 Moody’s Lane
  • OR by prior arrangement with coaches running Scheduled Programs

NRR Members’  access to club equipment presumes appropriate boat-handling skills suitable for the equipment in question.

Boats taken out that are not part of a Scheduled Program need to be logged in and out in the Log Book.


We all want our club to prosper and grow.  Part of growth means welcoming, indeed attracting, others to our sport and the atmosphere of camaraderie they find here at NRR.  Guests, and our hospitality and tradition of welcoming newcomers, are an important part of who we are.  Some points regarding non-members/visitors to NRR:

  • Saturday mornings are designated as Open House Rows.  Any current member or paying program participant may row.
  • Guests can be invited to row in an Open House Row.
  • A “reasonable” limit of free, open rows are allowed (3-4 rows) after which guests will be asked to join NRR.
  • Any visitor who rows from our dock must sign an NRR waiver.
  • For “exceptions” to this policy, please approach your Masters committee or Executive Director.