Your patience has paid off!
Working out the Winter Training plan for Adults took a little time while we completed arrangements in a new (to us) location, but we can finally announce….

Winter Training is here!

When the weathe2013-12-14 09.30.35r is cold, and there is ice on the dock, our athletes still want a way to stay in shape, together as a team – always dreaming of that time when they can get back on the water. New athletes are welcome! If it has been a while, Winter is a great way to get back in the swing!

We are offering two types of programs:
Coached – work with a coach who will provide a workout plan which mixes erging with cross training. Focus on technique, cardio fitness, strength and flexibility. Whether you want to race for the Gold when the weather is warmer, or want to stay fit – Winter training with a group makes it fun! 3 Days per week (MWF) from 6am – 7am.
Training at Kong Fitness, 173 Main Street, Norwalk, CT
(in same building with Art Gallery)

Training Plan Subscription – includes detailed training plan for OYO (on your own) training – prescribes 5 days per week – 90 minute workouts which include warm-ups, cool down, cross training; emphasizing cardio fitness, strength and flexibility. Those following the training plan are encouraged to find groups among yourselves to train together for motivation and camaraderie.

Visit our Winter Training page to register!